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Services We Offer


We can provide you with a range of IT related advice. From streamlining your business process to making the internet work for you.

  • Web Development
    We can custom tailor a package to suit your budget and needs, and integrate your existing business to generate new sales

  • Consultancy in a range of IT related system.
    Not too sure on how to set up your IT infrastructure? - Don't worry, we can sort that out.

  • Home and business networking.
    Have two or more computer at the office or home and want to be able to share the internet?
    Want to have the freedom to roam around the house surfing the internet wirelessly?
    We can develop and customise a range or package tailor to what you need.

  • Build, test and maintain your IT infrastructure?
    We can build customised machine to your specification at a very competitive prices.

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